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The Internets premier provider of top quality Barracuda Networking Hardware.

BarraSecure is proud to offer the Nets widest selection of Barracuda brand Networking equipment at a great price. No matter your networking needs, we've got you covered. With our extensive selection we've got everything you need to build your network from the ground up.

Some of what we have to offer:

Barracuda Firewall

BarraSecure provides a wide variety of Barracuda hardware firewalls for your organization. From standard firewall functionality to SPAM filtering and Application Firewall functionality we've got you covered. Protect your valuable investment from both outside and local threats with a quality Barracuda Firewall Solution.

Barracuda Web Filter

Barracuda Web Filters offer great value and return on investment. Time is money. Do you know what your employees are up to on the internet when you're not around? How much time is wasted on sites you'd rather they couldn't visit? A Barracuda Web Filter gives you the control you need over these activities and more. Find out how much time is spent on specific websites. Monitor employee internet activity. Create policies to block access to specific sites and more with a web filter from BarraSecure.

Barracuda SSL VPN

A hardware SSL VPN solution from BarraSecure offers an extra layer of security and protection to your corporate network. If you've got employees connecting to your network remotely using SSL, a Barracuda SSL VPN will give administrators a hardware based solution for managing SSL Sessions using authentication services like LDAP and Active Directory.

Barracuda Load Balancer

A Barracuda Load Balancer from BarraSecure is the way to go if you're looking to optimize your network traffic, resource availability and application performance. With provisions for two server, multiple server, and location failover your networks performance, up-time and application performance can be virtually guaranteed.

Barracuda Storage

BarraSecure offers a wide selection of Barracuda Storage solutions. These network storage devices come in a variety of capacities and have varied performance specifications. This means that no matter your requirements BarraSeccure has a data storage solution to fit your companies specific needs.

BarraSecure offers all of this and more! Browse the site to view our full lineup. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us today.

Spam Firewall

firewall security

Barracuda spam firewall

Affordable and Easy To Use

Barrasecure solutions using Barracuda Networks products, offers a world class Spam & Virus Firewall that is easy to use, robust, and cost effective. It provides protection to organizations with email solutions. It protects against intrusions from viruses and spam for inbound traffic. And for outbound traffic it stop confidential information from leaving your organization without authorization.

Web Filter

email protection

Barracuda Networks web filter

Built for all size businesses.

Do you know what your employees are doing on the internet? Where do they go? How much time do they spend on that site during the workday? The Barracuda Networks web filter solutions gives you the ability to see where your employees are going and create policies to block websites.


barracuda Firewall-X100Affordable and Easy To Use

This Firewall provides integrated cloud security with next generation application control, which makes it secure, easy to use and affordable. With layer 7 application control, DNS/DHCP Services, VPN Connectivity, and IPS built in, and content filtering, virus scanning, and reporting in the cloud; The Barracuda Firewall provides the most cost effective, robust, scalable solution.


NG Firewall

If you want better control over your network, the NG firewall provide protection against the growth of mobile and BYOD, evasive Web 2.0 applications, and remote threats. With centralized management portal, The NG Firewall solution makes it easy to deploy, update, configure, and manage many NG firewalls from a single location. This make the NG solution the perfect way to manage a multiple location enterprise deployment.


SSL VPN model

Barracuda networks suggest that users with a secure remote connection to your files and applications, is critical for mobile workers and business continuity. This solution gives administrators the full flexibility to manage SSL sessions using authentication such as LDAP and active directory.


spam blocking software

When looking for a solution that protects your applications from vulnerabilities and the possibility of threat against web applications. With both inbound and outbound scanning, The Web Application Firewall stand between the internet and your web servers to protect them attacks and data loss.


BMA150 (2)Data Storage is a key focus area for Barrasecure, and offer a wide range of scalable storage solutions. These solutions provide the most cost effective data protection appliances on the market today.


BBS-1090Data backup is critical to every company. With Barracuda Backup you have a robust, cost effective and recoverable solution that includes the option of additional recovery from the cloud. This solution provides backup upon backup to ensure that your business recovers quickly or that you find that critical file that is no longer available.


BMA-1050The Barracuda Message Archiver provides one of the most flexible solutions for email recovery in the industry. The Message Archiver works with most email solutions including email cloud solutions. Barracuda networks has the ability to scale wrapped in a secure auditable environment give you the knowledge that your data is safe and secure.


BWB_230The Barrasecure application delivery solutions use two of the most critical technologies to create an environment of high availability for your web applications.


BLB-ADC-840The Barracuda Load balancer optimized traffic, availability and application performance. From two server failover, to multiple server failover, to multiple location failover - Barracuda Load balancers provide a robust, highly available, and cost effective solution for your business.


BWB-430The aggregation of data lines is fundamental in increasing the availability of your internet connectivity. The Barracuda Link Balancer provider this and so much more - with the ability to automatically failover to an available internet connection with policies, a built-in firewall and VPN features, no other Link balancer in the market stands up to this solutions.


cudatel_applianceDesigned to be a plug-n-play device, the Cudatel communications server of Barracuda networks provides voice and video communications that is easy to use and affordable. The Cudatel solutions come is both pure digital or analog / Digital configurations to meet the growing need of the organization , or bridge the gap to previous solutions.